Social Media Overload

Have you ever felt ‘Social Media Overload”?  We have and as you might have noticed have taken a little break from all of it.

We are a dedicated Canadian company who believes in LED light technology and the benifits it has to offer all of us.  The availability of new products is overwhelming and LED Lights Canada spends a lot of time sifting through the very good and some very bad products we see being offered to the public on EBay, in the box stores and on the thousands of LED websites selling LED Lighting.  We spend hours a day on the phone with wonderful people all across Canada who have a healthy interest in LED lighting but have been beaten up by media overload and hype.  Who really knows what is good and what is bad?

Starting out as a web based business was an experience we will always cherish but the constant demands of the media experts to push products through all of the companies shown in the graphic at the top of this post is too much. Too much for you and too much for us. We would rather spend our time finding the right product to meet the ever growing demands of intergrating LEDs into he mainstream at a reasonable price than feeding the “Media Beast” just to hope someone in Canada will click on our website and buy something. We understand that to do business in todays enviroment it’s good business practice to have a website, a blog, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a Linkedin account, e mail lists and a mobile app.  We have them all and I know many of our followers enjoy reading the posts and following some of the new product development we are involved in from time to time.

We feel it is now time for us to make a pledge to you about our use of all social media.

  • We will continue to use them all but with care and restraint.  We will only post when there is really something interesting or innovative that we feel you would like to know. (sometimes it will be something we found that is just fun)
  • We will NOT clog up your e-mail box with unwanted offers for products you probably do not need…at any price. We are very careful about what we buy and we sell our products at a resonable price everyday.  If you receive an e-mail from us it is beause we want to share something we think you would like to know and not to just push price and product at you.
  • We will be available to help and assist you in choosing the right product for your application.  Just like any other product LED Lighting is not one size fit all.  If we feel the product you want to use will not give you the results you expect we will tell you before you buy it and discover you are disappointed with the results.

It is not a secret that we are in business to sell you a products. We also know that if you get to know us, you will trust us and if you trust us we will have a good chance of earning your business now and in the future.  We want to be your go to company for you LED light needs. Give us a try and we think you will be glad you did.

We have been doing business in Canada for over 10 years and we want to thank all of our loyal customers for their continued support. We could not have made this buiness into what it is today without you. LEDs…it is all we do.

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