Portable Phone Charger / Car Starter

Think about a pocket sized rechargeable battery that will charge your phone and tablet and ALSO jump your car.  It is here and just in time for another Canadian winter.  This attractive multi function battery is the only charger you will need to protect yourself from getting stuck this winter.  The pocket power battery has 2 smart USB ports that will automatically know if you are plugging in your phone or tablet so the correct amount of power is sent to the device. You can use both ports at the same time to charge 2 devices simultaneously.  The kit includes everything you will need packaged in a nice hard shell case. What happens if the kit is in your trunk and it freezes.  NO PROBLEM.  The battery can freeze to -40C and still jump your dead battery.  Watch the video to see all the components and how easy this mulit function battery is to use.

In addition to phone  charging and car jumping the pocket power battery has a built in LED flashlight that can be used as an emergency strobe beacon or flash SOS in the night sky for up to 48 hours!  If you are looking for a external phone charger why not get one that will provide enough power to also jump start your car.  You may not have to use your phone to call for a jump and wait hours in the cold for roadside service to show up. 

We have priced the kit at under $100.00 through Christmas and know it will be a well received gift for the holiday.  Follow this link to our webpage and please let us know if you have any questions about this great innovative and useful product.

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