LED Light Swings light up Boston Park

Design and Architecture firm höweler + yoon architecture created an interactive playscape with 20 illuminated ring-shaped swings in Boston park. The swings are open to the public to enjoy and interact with. Each swing is lit up with LED Lights and change colours.

Quote from Designboom.com about the project:

LED lighting within the swings are regulated by custom micro-controllers that signal their activity levels. this happens thanks to the internal accelerometer that measures the forces of the swing. this means when they are static, they emit a soft, white light and a switching one from white to purple when in motion. these responsive play elements invite users to interact with each other and create more of a community at the Boston park.

Watch the short video to see the dazzling design and colours in action.

Full article can be found on DesignBoom here: http://www.designboom.com/design/howeler-yoon-architecture-swing-time-09-12-2014/

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