2018 Predictions: Increased Demand for LED Grow Lights

What do we see for 2018?  An Increased Demand for LED Grow Lights


Another year, another chance to refocus energies and set to breaking conquering some goals.  It’s no different in our world here at LED Lights Canada.  With some changes in legislation coming into effect in our great country, we are preparing ourselves for growth.  The plant kind.  We see new laws and new trends of urban growing stimulating a sprouting market into a major branch of our very own business.   No, we aren’t going to start farming but we are preparing for an increased demand for LED grow lights.  We are starting with our own form of research and product testing.

What we consider to be important

We have a list of criteria for our LED grow lights to make sure you are getting the best mean for your green.  First, it comes down to the proper certification for use in Canada.  The big players we are familiar with are cETL, cUL and CSA.  These certifications apply to line-voltage (120V AC) connections.  Look for one of these to ensure you are covered under your insurance.  Second is affordability.  I will make it clear that quality is tied into that criterion.  We want the average person to be able to explore using these grow lights within the sometimes limited space of their own home without spending a fortune.  Regardless of the method, vertical, hydroponic, aquaponic, soil trays, etc.,  we want you to be able to find a reasonably priced, reliable, line-voltage certified product for small-scale projects or residential use.

Look for one of these certifications

Have we walked the walk… or should I say, potted the pot?

No, we haven’t gone that far, nor will we.  To become a legal producer of marijuana there may be an application and approval process.  According to some reports, legalization laws may still restrict growing for personal use.  While others are predicting upwards of four plants per household.  Considering these regulations and the movement to grow your own produce in an urban space, we are testing out LED grow lights.  Early last year we adopted a role as a plant hospital, bringing in sickly house plants in for a turn of R&R.  Our office plants were doing fairly well but we knew we could improve the conditions with a UV producing LED lamp.

The results are in

We set up a 50 watt full-spectrum LED grow light to see how our plants would respond.  Our plants have become more like the trees they were intended.   No quantifiable measures were collected but it appears that there are a few positive results: faster shoot production, larger leaf size and a plant that is now almost as tall as me. 

Moreover, we are satisfied with the results. We consider this particular light a bit too bulky for home application.  The hunt continues for a more versatile size of LED grow light.  A standard medium based bulb would be great and a low profile fixture to mount closely to the plant would be even better.   We are looking to start customizing our own linear fixtures.


For more insight on projections in grow light sales, we suggest this article.


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