Disney Lights up Hong Kong with Light Parade

Hong Kong Disneyland will light up Main Street USA in October with a light parade. The parade will feature over 80 performers and 740,000 LED lights. The parade will feature popular characters from Disney’s movies and TV shows including Mike, Sully, Cars, Tinkerbell, Mickey and more. The parade will take place in October and took over 2 years to plan.  The show will also be interactive as described below:

“There will be unique moments during the parade when visitors with a ‘brush’ [the interactive device] can change the colours of the performers’ costumes” 


This will definitely be an enjoyable experience for any visitor to Disneyland in Hong Kong in October.

Be sure to check out the full article about the Light Parade at Disneyland for more details about the Light Parade. Article and Image via SCMP.com

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